Besides comprehending Policy section, Terms section is another important one that users should comprehend because Terms section helps users see the nature of the relationship between the site and them.

These terms such as users, visitors, you have the same meaning, and the site, we, us have the same meaning and all of them are used to indicate the owner of site.

The site states clearly that the use of is completely subjective. This is the description of the use.

  • Firstly, the information embedded through materials provided by the site may be changed without any notice in advance.
  • Secondly, none including the site or any third parties guarantee users the quality of any parts of the site. Therefore, when you select and use any information taken from the page, you have to bear responsibility for your selection and use.
  • Thirdly, the information provided either by or a third party may have errors, so make sure that you are responsible for your using.
  • Fourthly, has some materials which the site does not own. These materials include not only information, but also design, appearance, outline, or the graphics. The statements in Terms declare that users are not allowed to reproduce any feature of these materials.
  • Fifthly, even trademarks displayed on which are not owned legally by any operators, are thought to belong to the site.
  • Sixthly, any illegal use of has to be faced legal issues.
  • Seventhly, links on the site are for the sake of convenience, and the site has no responsibility for the materials of these linked sites.
  • Lastly, users can not make a link between and another site without the agreement of the site.


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