Welcome all visitors to http://comletelyfreepsychicreadings.com! At Privacy section, we are listing and explaining the information that we will take and use from users.

Log Files

Log files are used in http://comletelyfreepsychicreadings.com and other websites as well. Data in the log files include the Internet Service Provider (ISP), the Internet Protocol (IP) addresses, classes of browsers, different kinds of pages, both time and date stamp, and numerous clicks in order to know trends, users’ needs, and get basic pieces of information.

Cookies and Web Beacons

Cookies are employed to keep visitors’ information such as habits and preferences, so the site can serve right services to users depended on visitors’ browsers.

Double Click DART Cookie

Cookies are used by third party like Google to serve advertisements on http://comletelyfreepsychicreadings.com. About Dart Cookie, it is utilized as a means to track users’ activities so that the site can predict which ads may be the ones users want to see. Some users feel uncomfortable with Dart cookie, so they want to remove this cookie from their computer. They are possible to do it by visiting http://www.google.com/privacy_ads.html and following the instructions.

A record of users’ activities will be saved and analyzed to tell third which information users may need to know, and evaluate the effectiveness of their ads on sites. These third parties base on users’ browsers recorded by technologies such as cookies or Web Beacon.

You ought to comprehend what policies of third parties are, how they work, and how to get rid of their practices. http://comletelyfreepsychicreadings.com does not control activities done by third parties. If users want to make cookies disable, they may achieve it via their individual option.


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